The ART Diamond are subject to international restrictions on the delivery of diamonds of any type and quality. We work according to the Compliance Management System, or CMS for short. This is the entirety of the measures, structures and processes set up in an organization to ensure compliance, which can include legally binding and ethical rules. Without a due diligence check, no new customer or bidder will be accepted and without passing the due diligence check, a purchase of diamonds from us will be excluded. The same applies to the entire compliance process, which is a prerequisite for the delivery of diamonds.

This 108.02 carat raw pink diamond with a clarity of VVS was found on October 20th, 2021. This octahedron has a height of 21 mm edge length. We have checked this several times and measured it using Galayxplaner 7.5.2. It becomes a 50.01 carat modified brilliant, princess cut, in vivid VVS1, Ex, Ex, none without culet and several smaller brilliants. This raw pink diamond becomes one of the largest princess cut diamonds in the world, which we process ourselves using a laser and bring to the top finish.

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