Cut and Finish

Laser cutting in absolute perfection

Our diamonds are processed exclusively with the latest high-end laser technology and software. Our “Galaxy Planners” record every raw diamond precisely, analyze it and show us the exact sales value. Many diamonds are outside of the known standards and are sold on the market against a bid. During processing, highly sensitive krypton ion laser technology ensures a minimum of losses when processing the raw diamond, this enables us to create an exact sales plan for each customer individually. We give each diamond the attention it needs to become a unique diamond.

The picture shows the laser machine for processing. All picture are Copyright ART-Diamond.AG ©

Exact test

All colorless diamonds are checked for the preset properties with our own ASDI machine (Automated Spectral Diamond Inspection) in order to give our customers maximum security. We also test our raw diamonds using atomic absorption spectroscopy. Atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) is an analytical method belonging to the group of atomic spectrometry. In analytical chemistry it is a proven and fast method for the quantitative and qualitative analysis of many elements. Our employees constantly carry out spot checks of the individual processed diamonds and in some cases go back to proven technology. Our employees constantly check and spot checks according to the specifications.

Renowned certification

Our diamonds are exclusively certified by the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) in New York. The aim of the ART-Diamond.AG is to diversify the product range and to open up new business areas that should contribute to the future results of the ART-Diamond.AG.

The enormous demand for commissioned work for “color diamonds”, larger diamonds and brilliant-cut diamonds, is of great importance to our Cut & Finish department. We are happy to accept further commissioned work after a written request and guarantee maximum performance.

In the field of diamond dust for the automotive industry and paint processing, we have maintained and steadily expanded our market share and are able to increase sales. Grinding pastes and grinding dust are a niche market that is served by Cutting’s production via ART-Diamond.AG.