Welcome to ART Diamond

We have been dealing with the procurement of raw diamonds for many years, which we process into perfect brilliants on behalf of our customers.

ART Diamonds is always able to offer you prices for rough diamonds and cut diamonds that are in line with the market. Processing a raw diamond into a high-quality brilliant with a laser requires a high level of craftsmanship and years of experience in working with lasers and the necessary software. After our processing, raw diamonds become the highest quality diamonds, with the highest quality and quality. This assumes daily handling of this product.

We have specialized in producing and delivering all desired sizes and qualities in large quantities. Furthermore, we have specifically focused on implementing commissioned work as a whole for our customers. Especially with larger rough diamonds, we manufacture the desired brilliants from a rough diamond exactly according to plan.

In addition, we guarantee that we only offer natural, raw diamonds that we process according to GIA specifications and come from our mine in Africa.